W Adams St


After successfully turning two single family houses for this client, Motus Construction restored another one on Chicago’s West Side for the same client. Motus provided a full-service renovation to bring the house up to current Code by upgrading all mechanics and finishes. In addition to the interior work, Motus also upgraded the siding and roofing to give it new curb appeal. Motus was able to help the client achieve maximum profit by turning it in two months and on budget.

N Lorel Ave


This single family house is the second of three that Motus Construction has renovated for this client. Located in the North Austin neighborhood, Motus was able to use its 10-year expertise of the neighborhood and market to provide the correct level of finish. Motus provided a “full gut” renovation of the house to restore it to an upscale property. Not only were all new mechanicals installed, but Motus also upgraded major building items like the roof, windows, and garage. Staying within a specific budget and time frame allowed the client to re-sell the house for a larger profit.

Gatwick View Dr


Motus Construction handled some light interior remodeling work on a single family home in Fishers, IN including paint, flooring, and finishes. Exterior improvements included identifying and resolving a basement wall leak.

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