There is no project too large or small for Motus Construction. Motus has over 10 years of experience in the rehabilitation of multi-family apartment buildings and communities, renovating nearly 14,000 units in three different markets. The company has also remodeled hundreds of single family homes and condominiums.

At this charming single family house in Portage Park, Motus was hired to help a client finish a previously-started project, which can oftentimes be a very challenging task. To help make it more approachable, Motus began by spending additional time at the start of the project understanding the clients’ vision of the finished product and the work that still needed to be done. From there, they organized the outstanding work into the most efficient order of operations and completed it task-by-task while fully remodeling a bathroom along the way. This led to an extremely successful finished product that came in at budget and on time.


Single Family House




Punchlist Completion
Bathroom Remodeling
Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring
Painting, Drywall
Custom Tile, Siding
Landscaping, Porch Repair


Chicago (Portage Park), IL

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