There is no project too large or small for Motus Construction. Motus has over 10 years of experience in the rehabilitation of multi-family apartment buildings and communities, renovating nearly 14,000 units in three different markets. The company has also remodeled hundreds of single family homes and condominiums.

Motus worked closely with the client to determine the scope of work most appropriate to bring this stick frame building back to life while staying within the defined parameters of 203k financing. This building was nearing collapse before Motus completed heavy structural upgrades by installing footings and new steel beams all the way through the crawlspace the length of the building, reinforcing the existing stick frame and installing all new floor joists and subfloors throughout. After completely reframing the units, Motus installed all new mechanics and fully renovated the units with premier finishes to ensure the client could obtain maximize rents in this up-and-coming Logan Square location. Motus passed all City and financing inspections without any delays and completed the project in less than six months.


Multifamily Gut Rehab




Preconstruction Consultation, Demo, Framing, Structural Upgrades, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Painting, Tile, Trim Carpentry, Doors, Water Service Upgrade, Common Area upgrade, Porch, 203K Loan Compliance


Chicago (Logan Square), IL

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